StretchIt TV FAQ’s

I’m not flexible – can I take StretchIt flexibility classes?

Absolutely! Start your flexibility journey with our beginner level classes. Be patient, keep practicing and you’ll get there. We’ll be happy to see you grow! We also encourage you to take pictures of your training and save them for future reference. Don’t shy away even if you think that your particular skill is far from ideal. That’s exactly the point! Keep the pics, those are your “before” pictures. You’ll be amazed at your progress later on!

* As with any other exercise program, please consult your doctor before beginning a new exercise regime.


I purchased a Season bundle. Which class should I start with?

That’s entirely up to you. If you are a beginner, please stick to beginner classes until you feel comfortable with the exercises. Other than that, there is no particular order. It only depends on your time frame and your body needs. E.g. if you want to move in the morning, but don’t have much time, take a 15 min class. Once you’re free and feel rested, take a 45 min class. If the 45 min class seems too difficult, take a 30 min class next time. All classes in a Season bundle are focused on the same goal, but each contains different set of exercises and flows, so that you never get bored!


How often should I practice?

It depends on your flexibility, health and fitness goals, as well as on your overall exercise regime.

– If you are focused on increasing flexibility, we recommend to start with at least two 30 min classes a week, giving your body 2-3 days to recover in between sessions. See how it goes for you and adjust regularity and class length accordingly.

– If flexibility is not your main goal and you use StretchIt to improve your performance in other activities (running, weight training, etc), we recommend to use one of our 15 min classes as a cool-down after your workouts. You are welcome to try our longer classes too, and see how it goes for you.

Please keep in mind, there are no shortcuts to flexibility. It takes time. So listen to your body and be patient. To secure best results, we recommend to stretch as consistently as possible.


What’s the difference between beginner and intermediate levels?

Our beginner classes will get your body familiar with various stretching exercises and techniques. You will learn proper body alignment and start building basic strength and flexibility.

Don’t worry, beginner classes don’t have to be boring. We have hundreds of exercises in each program, each class is different, so you’ll never get bored:) If any particular move feels too hard – don’t push it. Every body is different, so listen carefully to yours. Take your time, keep practicing at your own pace until you feel ready.

Take a beginner class if:

– you have never worked on your flexibility before,

– you have tried some yoga and stretching classes, but never done it regularly or had a break from regular practice,

– you have been working on your flexibility a lot, but today is one of those days when your body feels sore and tense, and you don’t feel like pushing it further. Beginner class is a great way to warm you up and help you recover.

Our intermediate classes are more intense and require more strength and flexibility than beginner classes. Here we use more advanced exercises and techniques, getting you deeper into your stretch. If any particular move feels too hard – don’t push it. Every body is different, so listen carefully to yours. Take your time, keep practicing at your own pace until you feel ready.

Take an intermediate class if:

– you have been taking StretchIt beginner classes for a while and feel comfortable,

– you have been working on your flexibility regularly and would like to progress even further.


I am taking StretchIt beginner classes. How do I know it’s time to progress to intermediate level? 

If you’ve been taking StretchIt beginner classes regularly and feel comfortable, you may move on to intermediate level. Yay to your progress!


Can you tell me more about the trainer?

Sure! StretchIt Instructor – Allison Wardwell. A performer, educator, and innovator, Allison has been studying movement for over 20 years. A classically-trained ballerina, Allison received her B.F.A. in Dance from The University of Texas, and her M.A. in Dance Education from New York University.

Allison trains, teaches, and performs in contortion, dance, and the aerial arts. An experienced instructor, she combines a deep knowledge of the body with an extensive expertise in movement.

Her flexibility classes are a fusion of various disciplines and techniques – from yoga and dance to contortion and acrobatics.

Allison is also the co-author and master trainer for the elevatED Flexibility Teacher Training, which she teaches internationally.