Pole Expo: Pole Classic 2015

Pole Classic 2015

Pole Classic 2015

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Ladies: Carolina Mendevil, Dakota Fox, Hanka Veneslarr, Jazzy Alix, Julie C., Louisa Lopez, Maggie Ann, Sharmaine Perez, Yoko Taketani

Men: Ferios, Magnus Lubbe, Markus Schloegl, Michael Perry, Phillip Evans, Sai’len Jaeger, Slava Ruza, Venom Lee

Pole Classic Women’s Top 4

  1. Maggie Ann * Also wins a spot in the Pole Championship Series
  2. Hanka Veneslaar
  3. Jazzy Alix
  4. Yoko Taketani

Pole Classic Men’s Top 4

  1. Slava Ruza
  2. Markus Schloegl
  3. Magnus Lubbe
  4. Sai’len Jaeger

Pole Classic 2015 Overall Champion

  • Slava Ruza

Maggie Ann and Slava Ruza also won $1000 from Pole Fitness Studio.

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