Pole Expo: Pole Classic 2012

Pole Classic 2012

Pole Classic 2012

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Female Category: Alexa Lennon, Celeste Ayers, Rhiannan Nichole, Amanda Gresco, Lindsay Green, and Tiffany Rose Mockler
Male Category: Ferios, Accro, Jimi Blu, Brandon Grimm, Mattcrobat, and Alexandr Mango

Pole Classic 2012 Top 3 Women

  1. Lindsay Green
  2. Tiffany Rose Mockler
  3. Celeste Ayers

Pole Classic 2012 Top 3 Men

  1. Jimi Blu *
  2. Brandon Grimm
  3. Alexandr Mango

Pole Classic 2012 Overall Champion

  • Jimi Blu *

Jimi Blu also won $1000 cash from United Pole Artists!


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