AMDtv: Heel Clack Extravaganza

Heel Clack Extravaganza

Heel Clack Extravaganza

In Heel Clack Extravaganza, you will learn how to clack your shoes, for attention and for straight up satisfaction.  I don’t know what it is about that heel clack.  But it sends a shock wave through body for sure!

*Side Note: These videos were done at my home with help from family. If you pay close enough attention to this one in particular, you get the idea… 😉

“When I was younger, I came across a book in my parents “library”.  It was called, “The Joy of Sex.”  Naturally, being very intrigued, I looked through every page.  As the years went by, there were times when I found myself understanding the power that women have, the sexual energy that we possess.  It became an obsession that eventually led to my career as a stripper and then later an exotic pole dancer.  Even when I left stripping, it was important and natural for me to continue to dance sexy, to exude my power through my sexuality and to then show other women how to do these things.

In all of these classes, you won’t learn just the moves, but the intent behind a lot of them.  I hope you feel as sexy as I do when moving in my heels.  And oh yeah, sometimes there is a cat or two on camera.  Lol!  These were fun to film.  And now they are all yours for free.  <3″


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